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Thais from District 6 Victor of the 1st Hunger Games

1st Hunger Games




Thais Deras

Victor's Home

District 6 Transportation


Terrain of 4 Sections consisted of a Forest,Winter Storm, Desert, and Natural Disasters




The Hunger Games: First Quarter Quell

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2nd Hunger Games

This was the first year of the Hunger Games. It was really special, it was located on a terrain, where there were four different section. Section 1 ( North of the Conrucopia), was the Lake, and Trees, Section 2 (South) was a dry Dessert. Section 3 (West) was made up of Ice, and Section 4 (East) was made of Natural Disasters. There were twenty-four tributes, when the gong rang nobody knew what to do they just grabbed a weapon and ran away. Everybody fled the Cornucopia, the Gamemakers didn't like that so they put the sectors to the test, in the Section1 (North) they put Lion, Leopards, Cheetah Mutts, (South) dry dessert the Gamemakers put Posionous Snakes, Lizards, Scorpians, and Spider Mutts. In Section 3 they created white wolf mutts, to make sure they chased the tributes to where they would kill each other. Section 4 created a hurricane which killed 8 tributes in less than 5 minutes. On Day 2, people went back to the Cornucopia to get weapons, now everybody attacked each other. 9 died in the Cornucopia Bloodbath. Mutts, in each sector killed at least 1 or 2 tributes.On day 12,in Sector 1, killed (0 tribute), Sector 2, killed (2 tributes), Secotr 3, (0 tribute), Sector 4 (0 tribute). A alliance was made from the remaining 5 tributes. From both District 8 tributes and District 6 female (Thais), and the other two from District 11. On day 17 the Gamemakers mashed up the Sectors, and made the 5 remaining tributes come together, and end the Games. Both from District 8 tributes killed the tributes from District 11. They both turned to the District 6 female (Thais). Then the District 8 female walks up from behind of her District partner then all of a sudden she slashes the boy from her district with her spear, then stabs him again and again, and again till his cannon sounds, BOOM! She then looks up and runs to the District 6 female (Thais), (Thais) throws her axe on the female from 8 and BOOM the cannon goes. Thais from District 6 was declared the winner of the 1st Hunger Games.

The Death OrderEdit

24. District 5 Male- Sector 4
23.District 3 Male- Sector 4
22.District 7 Female- Sector 4
21.District 7 Male- Sector 4
20.District 9 Female- Sector 4
19.District 10 Male- Sector 4
18.District 2 Female- Sector 4
17.District 1 Male- Sector 4
16.District 9 Male- Cornucopia Day 2
15.District 3 Female- Cornucopia Day 2
14.District 4 Female- Cornucopia Day 2
13.District 1 Female- Cornucopia Day 2
12.District 5 Female- Cornucopia Day 2
11.District 6 Male- Cornucopia Day 2
10.District 4 Male- Cornucopia Day 2
9.District 2 Male- Cornucopia Day 2
8.District 10 Female- Cornucopia Day 2
7.District 12 Female- Mutts Day 12
6.District 12 Male-Mutts Day 12
5.District 11 Male- Killed by District 8 Female on Day 17
4.District 11 Female- Killed by District 8 Male on Day 17
3.District 8 Male- Killed by District 8 Female on Day 17
2.District 8 Female- Killed by District 6 Female Thais on Day 17 (throwing axe)
1.District 6 Female (Thais) Victor of the 1st Hunger Games!