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District 2 Female Lorely Victor of the 22nd Hunger Games

The 22nd Hunger Games was one of the strangest games, and memorable in Panem history. When the tributes arrived in the arena, it appeared to be a lush, vibrant forest. However, the gamemakers set a fire the moment the gong sounded, leaving tributes to either risk heading towards the fire and Cornucopia, or run from the flames. All but one of the careers chose to enter the bloodbath, along with seven other tributes. All of the tributes who decided against running died, either at the hands of one another, or in the raging fire. Lorely, the female tribute of District 2, and only career tribute who made the smart choice of running, was left alone in the woods with no food, weapons, or allies. District 2 Female (Lorely) saw the faces at night, The Fallen: District 1 Male, District 1 Female, District 2 Male, District 6 Male, District 7 Female, and the District 8 Male. Soon the District 2 Female (Lorely) ran into a pair of other tributes from District 5, also trying to outrun the flames, and convinced them to form an alliance with her after she helped them escape the fire by directing them to a stream where she had been

22nd Hunger Games




Lorely Urbina

Victor's Home

District 2 Masonry


Lush, Vibrant Forest, with Deadly Fire and Smoke




The Hunger Games: First Quarter Quell

Preceded by

21st Hunger Games

Followed by

23rd Hunger Games

taking shelter. She asked for there weapons as she went to go hunt the tributes down. She killed the tributes from 3, 4, and District 6 Female. The moon came out and the strings of the anthem came out as well as The Fallen , Both from 3, Both from 4, and District 6 Female. On the next day,The forest fire destroyed nearly every living thing in the arena killing 3 tributes along the way, also with all of the weapons stashed in the Cornucopia. District 2 Female (Lorely), who had prior training with throwing knives, used her exceptional aim to instead throw jagged rocks at the other tributes’ heads and necks, rendering them immobile before approaching them and smashing their skulls. District 2 Female (Lorely) she then killed her alliance(Both from District 5) , when there were a total of six tributes left. She then went on and killed The District 7 Male, District 9 Tributes, and the District 10 and 11 allaince. It was the final day and The District 12 Male, went to go look for her, when the District 2 Female (Lorely), she chased him and threw a knife into his leg, he fell then got back up to fight her. As they fought Hand-to-Hand, the District 2 Female, ripped open the District 12 Male's throat and bit it off, filling her mouth his his flech and blood. He layed there shocked and dying. BOOM! The cannon goes and it's over, District 2 Female (Lorely) was crowned Victor of the 22nd Hunger Games.

The Death Order Edit

1. District 2 Female (Lorely)- Victor of the 22nd Hunger Games.
2. District 12 Male- Killed by District 2 Female on Day 17
3. District 8 Female- Killed by District 2 Female on Day 17
4.District 5 Male- Killed by smashing into a rock by District 2 Female (Lorely)
5.District 5 Female- Killed by District 2 Female (Lorely)
6.District 11 Male- Killed by District 2 (Lorely)
7. District 11 Female- Killed by Starvation
8.District 12 Female- Killed by Explosion of trees
9. District 10 Male- Killed by District 2 Female (Lorely)
10. District 9 Female- Killed by tree branch fell over her on fire and caught on fire
11. District 9 Male- Killed by District 2 Female (Lorely)
12. District 7 Male- Killed by Smoke: Oxygen Loss
13. District 6 Female- Killed by Raging Fire: Hiding in the trees, caught on fire
14. District 4 Female- Killed by Raging Fire: chased by District 2 Female (Lorely)
15. District 4 Male- Killed by District 2 Female (Lorely)
16. District 3 Female- Killed by District 2 Female (Lorely)
17.District 3 Male- Killed by District 3 Female
18. District 8 Male- Killed by Raging Fire
19. District 6 Male- Killed by District 8 Male
20. District 1 Female- Killed by District 6 Male
21. District 2 Male- Killed by District 1 Female
22. District 10 Female- Killed by District 2 Male
23. District 1 Male- Killed by District 1 Female
24. District 7 Female- Killed by District 1 Female

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