District 2 Male Jose Gomez Victor of the 10th Hunger Games.

The 10th Hunger Games took place in a tropical island formed by a volcano. The place was loaded with beautiful, but extremely deadly, muttations of various jungle animals. Jose Gomez male tribute from District 2 volunteered, cinfident in his skills from previous training in the Academy. When it was time for the Games, he teamed up with the Careers, already have planned their strategy, Jose, the District 2 Male tribute, runs for the supplies in the mouth of the Cornucopia. He meets his alliance and starts killing off weaker triubtes. The District 2 male tribute (Jose) reaches for a serrated sword, as the Female tribute from 7 reaches at the same time, The District 2 male tribute (Jose) pushes her to the ground and starts stabbing her repeaditly. As the bloodbath ends, the Careers make camp at the Cornucopia, and go

10th Hunger Games




Jose Gomez

Victors' Home

District 2 Masonry


Volcanic Island with Lushes Forest, and Lakes




The Hunger Games: First Quarter Quell

Preceded by

9th Hunger Games

Followed by

11th Hunger Games

hunt for other tributes. Everybody looks up and hears the strings of the anthem playing and the faces of The Fallen: District 3 Male, District 5 Female, District 6 Male, District 6 Female, District 7 Female, District 8 Male, District 9 Male, District 9 Female, District 11 Female, and District 11 Male. 10 tributes dead, 14 more to go. On Day 5, The District 2 tributes, and District 4 Female go hunt for tributes, mutts are released and send the Careers' running. When they get back they find the tributes from District 1 and The District 4 male tribute dead, eaten by a Tiger Mutt. 3x BOOM'S go off. 3 other tributes die during the day as night falls the faces of The Fallen appear: District 1 Male, District 1 Female, District 4 Male, District 5 Male, District 7 Male, and District 10 Female. The Final 8 tributes, on Day 17, The District 2 Male tribute (Jose) gathers up the remaining Careers' and decided to seperate and may the odds be in their favor. All of a sudden the volcanoe erupts and killing 4 tributes. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! That night the faces of The Fallen: District 3 Female, Both from District 12, and the District 8 Female.The final day 19, the Gamemakers made a horrific thunderstorm that brought everyone running to the Cornucopia, The Districto 10 male runs up the the District 2 female and slashes her back, killing her BOOM! The District 4 female grabs a serrated axe ad slices one of his legs off, and slices his chest open. BOOM! Now the District 2 male doesn't know what to do, but grab a sowrd, and knifes and runs up to her. She slashes his arm and his leg. He throws a knife at her but, she ducks and grabs a throwing axe, she throws it and it lands in his chest. No cannon? She runs up to him and checks, his pulse he grabs a kuiki sword and stabs her back, she creams in pain, but he doesn't care he keeps stabbing and stabbing, she doesn't die so the District 2 male (Jose) grabs a knife and slices her throat open. BOOM! The District 2 male (Jose) was crowned Victor of the 10th Hunger Games.

The Death OrderEdit

1. District 2 Male (Jose)- Victor of 10th Hunger Games
2. District 4 Female- Killed by District 2 Male on Day 19
3. District 10 Male- Killed by District 4 Female by Slicing of the legs and chest.
4. District 2 Female- Killed by District 10 Male- Slashing of the back by a sword.
5. District 8 Female- Killed by Volcanic Lava
6. District 3 Female- Killed by Volcanic Lava
7. District 12 Male- Killed by Volcanic Lava
8. District 12 Female- Killed by Volcanic Lava
9. District 7 Male- Killed by Unknown Beast
10. District 10 Female- Killed by Monkey Mutt; cut her into 5 large peices
11. District 5 Male- Killed by Hippo Mutt
12. District 1 Male- Killed by Tiger Mutt
13. District 1 Female- Killed by Tiger Mutt
14. District 4 Male- Killed by Tiger Mutt
15. District 11 Female- Killed by District 3 Female by slashing her heart with knive
16. District 8 Male- Killed by District 7 Male by
17. District 9 Male- Killed by District 10 Female by
18. District 6 Male- Killed by District 4 Male by a spear through the stomach
19. District 5 Female- Killed by District 4 Female by stabbing her chest with a axe
20. District 9 Female- Killed by District 2 Female by throwing knives at her chest
21. District 11 Male- Killed by District 1 Female by slashing his throat
22. District 7 Female- Killed by District 2 Male by stabbing her back mutiple times
23. District 6 Female- Killed by District 1 Male
24. District 3 Male- Killed by District 5 Male by strangling him to death.

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